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Suffolk Care Awards 2019 WINNERS Announced

Congratulations to all the Suffolk Care Award winners. For full details, click here >


This category is designed to demonstrate that the approach to training and learning (design, commissioning, delivery and evaluation) within a service is innovative and robust. Learning experiences should draw on current practice and thinking, whilst offering a range of learning opportunities that support individual learning styles and outcomes. The culture of the organisation will demonstrate an approach that recognises that learning has a positive impact on the outcomes of the service as a whole as well as the individual.


This category is designed to recognise the important contribution made by those who provide ancillary support services in the care environment. This is about creating an environment in which people feel safe and cared for. The award recognises the combined contribution that all ancillary services make including, but not limited to, catering, grounds, maintenance and housekeeping.


This category is designed to demonstrate that care planning is person centred and recognises the wishes of the individual, at all stages of their care journey/lives (especially at the end of life). It will also demonstrate that the service is committed to delivering services in a manner that evidences a culture of dignity and respect that is consistent throughout the service.


This category is designed to demonstrate that the service / organisation has a positive and proven approach to using a range of activities creatively to achieve positive outcomes for those accessing the service. Whilst the entry might focus on one particular activity for an individual or group this must be considered in the light of the wider organisation. Activities must demonstrate an understanding of the individual needs of those using the service and demonstrate a commitment to empathy and compassion particularly for those living with dementia.


This category is designed to demonstrate that the service as a whole has delivered care and support over and above that which would usually be expected and has made a positive contribution in supporting service users lives. Applications should be able to demonstrate that this service excellence has been achieved and maintained over time. The category also recognises the key role that leaders of the service make in achieving this outcome. Positive leaders create a culture that is based on openness and honesty, where staff feel supported and empowered in their working environment.


This category is designed to provide an opportunity for the recognition of an individual [team or organisation] that has made a significant contribution to the sector, or indeed to one person, that has not been recognised elsewhere.

1. By “not recognised elsewhere”, we mean that the individual has not previously received an award for their contribution identified in this nomination.

2. Awards in this context are those judged externally [for example the Great British Care Awards], or internally {for example Care Coordinator of the year in a Group of Companies.}


3. This award is not confined to care staff but includes any member of staff from any part of the organisation and volunteers


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